Why a learning expedition?

To boost your innovation initiatives, one must go beyond the framework. Nothing like a study trip to learn from best practices. You’ll understand the new uses needed by your target audiences and you’ll take a step ahead!

Why is Estonia a must ?

Estonia has been elected the most advanced digital society in the world by Wired magazine in 2017. The country bet on digital since 1991 and has become a state as platform with 99% its service available online 24/7.

Why DigeeTrips ?

To benefit from our knowledge of Estonia. For our high-quality contacts: national leaders, institutional actors, CEOs, best start-ups, Keynotes speakers. Because we will give you the keys to speed up your digital transformation.

DigeeTrips is a proud  member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Estonia (CCFE)

Did you know ?

With DigeeTrips you’ll discover this digital trailblazer and you’ll get a clear picture of our societies’ and our economies’ future.

  • Thanks to the e-administration, Estonians save the equivalent of one work week per year! The state saves 2% of its GDP each year.
  • Built from scratch, the country has been relying on digital for 26 years and has become the first state platform in the world with 99% administrative services available 24/7 online.
  • The country is a true « digital nation » with Skype as spearhead and Taxify as the last unicorn, it also has the highest start-up rates per inhabitants in Europe. 

Our offers

For : CEOs, Investors, Top executives, Start-ups, Incubators, Corporates officials, Think-Tanks, Universities, Schools, Students, …

  • l

    1 # Ready to go

    Inter companies and organizations :
    2/3 days on the spot.
    Meetings with key players, start-ups ecosystem, e-administration, innovation centers and keynotes speakers.
    4 to 5 appointments / day.
    workshops animation and reporting delivery.

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    2 # Focus

    Inter and intra companies and organizations
    2/3 days on the spot.
    One main theme : Blockchain, Cybersecurity, e-administration, e-health, start-ups ecosystem, e-education, future of work.
    4 to 5 appointments per day.
    workshops animation and reporting delivery.

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    3 # Taylor made

    Intra companies/organizations:
    2 to 5 days on the spot.
    Innovation seminar, team-building, beyond the walls Executive Boards, dedicated learning expedition, incentive seminar.
    4 to 5 appointments per day.
    Workshops animation and reporting delivery.

They lived DigeeTrips’ experience

Our customers testimonials

“In October 2017, I had the chance to join a learning expedition in Tallinn with Violaine Champetier de Ribes, DigeeTrips’ CEO. This learning tour allowed me to understand how a whole country could take the digital revolution turn with creativity, from education to state transformation through entrepreneurship. This trip was rich in lessons and in information. Thanks to the qualified relations Violaine has established, we met the top of the hierarchy, public as private leaders. In two days, a remarkable program allowed us to see all facets of the Estonian model, with a real plurality of points of view. I also plan to go back to Estonia with DigeeTrips along with other leaders of my company.”

Jean Spiri Head of Onepoint's strategic development

I definitely recommend doing a learning expedition with Violaine Champetier de Ribes, founder of DigeeTrips. Her efficiency and enthusiasm will let you devote your entire time to learning about and enjoying innovative Estonia.

Denise Silber Basil Stratégies' President and Founder

“​Going to Estonia is an inspiring step. DigeeTrips’ tailor made program has been very useful in my job. In this “Blockchain nation” public services are transparent and fluid. I gathered very valuable information that will help us smoothen our customer path.”

LM L.M Bank and Insurrance CDO

“During our learning expedition in Estonia, thanks to her knowledge of the country and her quality contacts, Violaine allowed us to meet very relevant Estonian interlocutors for our Think Tank.”

Aymeric Bourdin Atelier Europe’s President

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